Outpatient Treatment

Under the guidance of Miles Quaytman, M.D., associate medical director of The Retreat at Sheppard Pratt and medical director of the Ruxton House, The Retreat offers intensive outpatient treatment, individual therapies, consultations, and groups to select patients.

After an extended stay at The Retreat, some residents, in consultation with their treatment team, decide to continue to receive services at The Retreat on an intensive basis while living in the community. These programs, offered on a case-by-case basis, are highly individualized, and often allow certain residents to maintain a close affiliation with The Retreat as they reintegrate into the nearby community after completing a lengthy residential treatment.

Individual Sessions

Residents that have spent time at The Retreat may decide to continue individual treatment with certain team members after discharge. These sessions are discussed on an individual basis and require that the patient live nearby in order to receive the appropriate treatment.

Outpatient Consultations

Psychiatrists at The Retreat are available for consultations on a limited basis. These consultations are available should an outpatient psychiatrist request a consult and/or desire a second opinion, and are designed to result in suggestions for new directions of exploration and treatment approaches for the current outpatient treatment team. On occasion, a consult results in a recommendation for an admission to The Retreat for a full diagnostic workup.

DBT Outpatient Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is infused into our outpatient treatment environments as an effective therapy to meet the needs of our patients as they progress through the stages of treatment.

The four basic skills practiced in DBT are:

• Emotion regulation
• Interpersonal effectiveness
• Distress tolerance
• Mindfulness

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