Occupational Therapy at Ruxton House

Through occupational therapy, residents gain, or resume, the skills they need to fully function in daily life, focusing on the aspects of life that are most important to them. We help you with skills such as independent living skills (such as personal hygiene, meal planning, grocery shopping, budgeting, and more), social relationships, employment, self-care skills (such as sleep), and/or volunteering.

Many individuals who participate in our program find that, due to their mental health diagnosis, they’ve come up against barriers that prevent them from being able to function in a way that’s meaningful to them; conversations with our occupational therapist usually begin with the question, “What matters to you?” We work collaboratively with you to identify your barriers, and to develop the skills to address them.

When you transition to living at Ruxton House, you are moving into a therapeutic and communal living space that fosters independence and responsibility. While living at Ruxton House, you are supported as you begin taking steps back into the community; this is where occupational therapy becomes a helpful tool. 

While preparing to transition to Ruxton House, you will work with our experienced occupational therapist to complete an occupational profile. During this profile, we walk through the different elements of daily living, considering how important things are to you, how difficult things are for you, and the barriers to daily living you may be experiencing. Then, our occupational therapist works directly with you to develop a customized intervention to address these barriers. This customized intervention may include identifying and applying to job opportunities, addressing social isolation, enrolling in college courses, or participating in volunteer opportunities. Our occupational therapist works with you on implementing your individualized plan, and also helps you prepare to return to your home environment.

The ultimate goal of occupational therapy is to help people participate in the things they want and need to do, ensuring a meaningful and productive life.