Programs & Activities

Under the leadership of Dr. Miles Quaytman, medical director of Ruxton House and associate medical director of The Retreat, and Mr. Lane Hicks, program manager of Ruxton House, residents pursue their treatment goals on an outpatient basis, in a home-like setting. Emphasis is placed on the creation of a therapeutic community with mutual respect and support as the key elements in this healing environment. Residents practice new patterns of social interaction and coping techniques, as well as work on an individualized plan that targets rehabilitation, recovery, and improved self-care to enable their transition into the community.

Ruxton House is staffed 24 hours a day by mental health professionals who provide support as residents practice these new skills. Some of the therapies, groups, and activities offered to Ruxton House residents include:

  • Resident Meeting: A critical component of Ruxton House is that the skill-building and supportive environment that is experienced in individual therapy and in groups is also experienced in the social environment of the House. The residents of Ruxton House journey through their individual recovery together and, on different levels, share their experiences, challenges, and victories with one another. The Resident Meeting, conducted weekly and chaired by the Ruxton House Medical Director and the Program Manager, is the official forum for the open discussion of the needs and wants of the group.
  • Psychodynamics Group: Psychodynamics Group at Ruxton House meets three times weekly and is a continuation of psychodynamic group as it is practiced on The Retreat. It provides an opportunity for residents to talk with each other about their anxieties, fears, and conflicts. In this group, individuals can expand upon issues they are addressing in individual psychotherapy, or can talk about other topics whether about themselves or the community. Group members then have the opportunity to receive feedback from other participants in a non-judgmental setting.
  • Community Involvement: Residents at Ruxton House are preparing to resume their lives in the community. As part of the initial Ruxton treatment planning conference, they are asked to choose an activity that will provide exposure to community living. Residents engage in a wide variety of such activities; some begin coursework at any number of colleges and universities that are nearby, while others take advantage of numerous volunteer opportunities in the area. For those residents who are unsure of the direction they want to take, there is the option to work with a dedicated occupational therapist who can help them with this search, and then formulate a step-by-step plan to reach their goals.
  • Family-Style Dinner: These communal meals offer an opportunity for residents to get to know one another, have fun, and process the information learned in groups and therapy.
  • Additional groups: These are available through The Retreat’s residential program and take place on Sheppard Pratt’s main campus, which is just a short drive from Ruxton House. 
  • Case management and social work services: These are provided to ensure that residents are moving toward their treatment goals. 
  • Ad-hoc programming: Ruxton House staff sometimes offer ad-hoc programming, depending on the interest level of the residents. Past programming has included exercise groups, yoga, gardening, and music. 
  • Weekend outings: Residents are invited to participate in weekend outings.
  • Creative happenings: Residents and staff of The Retreat and Ruxton House are encouraged to share their artistry and individuality through creative outlets. This occurs in the form of poetry jams, storytelling, musical performances, and art work displays.
  • Outpatient services: Each resident is required to work with a psychiatrist from The Retreat on an outpatient basis. Additional individual therapy and a full outpatient DBT program are available through The Retreat’s outpatient services for an additional charge.

You can download a sample Ruxton House Weekly Group Schedule here.