The Retreat’s Program Director Shares Helpful Advice

August 12, 2013 —
How to select the “right” intensive psychotherapy program for yourself or a loved one

Written by Lois Turner Feig, LCSW-C, The Retreat’s former Program Director

Selecting a high quality intensive psychotherapy program and one that best fits the level of care you are seeking can be most challenging; there is not a GPS or guidebook to help you navigate through this uncharted territory. There are a limited number of programs from which to choose throughout the country . When speaking to a treatment program, your goal is to determine if they are the best fit for you and if they able to meet your unique treatment goals. Questions you may want to ask are:

• Do they have experience working with the issues and diagnoses with which you are seeking help?

• What are the most frequent diagnosis that their patients present?

• Of what does their treatment program consist ?

• What is their treatment philosophy?

• What types of groups and what number of groups are offered each week ? What is the level of credentialing of the group leaders?

• How many individual therapy sessions are offered each week and by whom?

• Does this program include a thorough diagnostic assessment and what is the assessment process?

• Are there experienced psychiatric nursing staff available around the clock?

• How much “down time” is there going to be each week?

• What happens on weekends?

• What is cost of the program and the cost for continued treatment? Are there ancillary charges?

• What are the accommodations; do they have private or semi private rooms ?

In addition to questions about programming, you may have questions about access to exercise, the internet or about the food service. These are all legitimate questions to ask to help assess if the environment is one the prospective resident will be comfortable in as it will be their home for several weeks. Good luck as you begin this venture !

If you think that the Retreat may be the right setting for you, please call me at (410) 938 – 3891 to discuss our program and your needs.