Health and Wellness

At The Retreat at Sheppard Pratt, we believe that mental health and physical health go hand-in-hand. We’ve developed a Health and Wellness program to teach our residents about the tie between physical and mental wellness with the hopes that they will take this knowledge with them upon discharge to help aid healing and recovery.

Through our innovative Health and Wellness program, we explore the seven aspects of wellness: physical, emotional, social, environmental, occupational, intellectual, and spiritual wellness.

Our health and wellness coordinator meets individually with each resident several times throughout their stay in order to assess their health and wellness lifestyle and needs, and to tailor an individualized plan to help each resident heal and recover in a way that is impactful and meaningful for them. The health and wellness coordinator assesses all aspects of each resident’s health and wellness, from diet and exercise to social activities and self-care. Based on each individual’s background, our health and wellness coordinator then develops a personalized plan.

Each resident has the opportunity to meet with the health and wellness coordinator weekly to track progress towards health and wellness goals, and to continually tailor the plan to fit the resident’s individual needs and preferences. This support continues when our residents move to Ruxton House, as well as on an outpatient basis.

Prior to discharge, each resident is provided with their personalized health and wellness plan to help them continue to apply their learnings towards a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle. The individualized plan covers nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction techniques, time management, tips for social engagement, and much more – all factors that help our residents to stay mentally healthy upon discharge.


Our Health & Wellness program is Healing.